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Who Is Joni Wilson And What Makes Her 3-Dimensional Voice® Formula So Effective In The  Training Of Speaking And Singing Voices?

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Joni Wilson is an internationally recognized voice expert, professional speaker, and best selling author of 10 books with over 20+ years experience-training both singing and speaking voices. Her first book, The  3-Dimensional Voice, held the number one spot under Voice/Public Speaking for months on Two of the books in her latest Wilson Female Voice Series  held the number one spots on Amazon under Female Voice Training, and the Business Woman's Voice. (See Joni's Books for further information}.

JONI has personally trained both speaking and singing voice’s for business executives from major corporations including—Intuit Software and Home Depot—also two American Idol finalist and one member of "Blake's Team" on the Voice and one on Kelly Clarkson' and Adam's team this year.





Joni's Worldwide Recognition

Her speaking voice classes for the National Speakers Association have gained her recognition and praise from her fellow speakers, and her on-line voice lessons have generated "Thank you’s" and worldwide “Bravos from grateful clients who were amazed at how quickly their voices improved using Joni's voice training systems.

Joni's training includes:  Dramatic Arts  studies and performance at the prestigious Pasadena Playhouse in Pasadena California,  and  a Professional Digital and Social Media Certification from San Diego State University. Over the past 20+ years Joni has taught, as well as studied with, some of the best professionals in both the entertainment and business worlds.

As a professional singer/entertainer Joni has hosted a TV talkElvis Presley show, performed stand-up comedy, was an opening act for Elvis (the real one), and spent her early career working the top Hotels in Los Vegas, Reno, and Lake Tahoe, Nevada, She also owned and operated her own dinner theater in Colorado where she personally trained her very talented acting team.


She is listed in the Yearbook of Experts, is the veteran of over fifty radio interviews was recently featured in Flare Magazine and Fox News

Joni brings to each lesson, client and workshop the expertise of a master voice trainer who has, "Been there and done that!" She also teaches with the wit and humor of a seasoned entertainer.

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"As a voice actor, voice-over coach and author of The Art of Voice Acting, I’m always on the lookout for good books on improving the sound of your voice.  To say this book is good is an understatement! Joni Wilson makes caring for your voice and exercising to improve the quality of your voice FUN! I highly recommend Joni's 3-Dimensional Voice  Training System for anyone who is serious about improving and caring for their “Instrument”. If you sing, act, speak professionally or simply use your voice to communicate, you need this book!”

James R. Alburger 11-time

Emmy Award Winning Audio

Producer, voice actor and author

"Joni’s voice lesson’s are worth their weight in gold. I am amazed at how well I can project into the lecture hall with only a few minor changes. The pointers Joni gave me at her workshop were priceless"

Patty Anderson,

MSc Education Counselor

Geologic Research Div Scripps Institute of Oceanography,La Jolla, CA


There was a lot of information that I was either misinformed about, or was completed new to me, and me and my audience as we were going Wow throughout the webinar would like to say thanks. Joni is a great speaker!”

Jan Holder

AMACOM Webinar


dear Joni, congrats with the e-book. I just read through it and was very inspired to be much more conscious use of my voice, and how to protect it. So much great reflections and knowledge.

Thanks a lot and take care

Siri Darchmann

Slagslunde, Fredenksborg, Denmark

Joni Wilson's  3-Dimensional Voice Story

It All Began When My Father Developed Parkinson’s Disease And

Completely Lost His Ability Toᅠ Speak . . .

Even though I was a voice teacher, I felt completely help­less as I tried every voice method I could get my hands on to help him find his voice. I had to ignore all of the doctors who kept insist­ing that he’d never talk again. His mind was sharp, and his eyes still twinkled, but his quick wit and sense of humor were silenced by a voice that did not respond to any conventional voice method.

I soon learned that I had to go in an UN-conventional direction if  I was going to solve his problem and bring back his voice.      . . . And That Is Exactly What I Did! As a matter of fact, I actually took his voice in not one, but three directions at once. To accomplish this, I taught him how to use his entire body to put the strength back in his breath and the power in his voice. To accomplish this weᅠ added:


Depth: The First Dimension of Theᅠ Voice

Width: The Second Dimension of Theᅠ Voice

Length: The Third Dimension of The ᅠVoice

By adding these three additional voice resonating spaces, Depth, Width, And Length,  to his natural, physical,  resonating system, together we had now created the first 3-Dimensional Voice®, and Wonder of Wonders  . . . IT WORKED!!!

As he began using his entire body to create and power his sound, his voice came back, and so did the twinkle in his eyes. His humor also returned to the delight of all who loved him and to the amazement of the doctors who shook their heads in disbelief.

Since that first event over 20 years ago,  the 3-Dimensional Voice Train­ing Sys­tem has helped thou­sands of people create the perfect voice to deliver their message and sing their songs.

A Very Special Thanks to My Precious Dad, Joe Wilson, for His Tenacity, Courage, and Faith in Creating My 3-Dimensional Voice® Process.

To Experience Joni's 3-Dimensional Voice® Technique for Yourself, Click for the best affordable  on line Voice Lessons, Audio MP3's  and Free e-Book Download.

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