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The Wilson Female Voice Series

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"Finally there is a series of Voice Books written by a woman, just for women, that covers every aspect of the female voice from its liabilities to its assets. The Wilson Female Voice Series not only names the problems, it digs deep into the causes and effects of the problems and gives the reader solutions that are easy, fun and effective."  amazon review

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The Wilson Voice Series

"Singing or speaking, the sound of your VOICE can make or break your career! Joni Wilson's 3-Dimensional Voice 2nd edit is a book for everyone who believes they are “stuck” with the voice they came in with, and that good singers and speakers are born with the "perfect" voice. Nothing could be further from the truth!


A good, skilled, voice comes from knowing and understanding how your personal voice is put together, and how it works. No two voices are alike that's why "voice prints" are used for identification, just like fingerprints. That is also why traditional voice training works for some and not for others."

The 3-Dimensional Voice Book 1

Book One:

The 3-Dimensional Voice

Korean Translation Book One:

The 3-Dimensional Voice

Book Two:

The 3-Dimensional Business Voice

The Voice Of Success Revised Edition:

Male Version & Female Version

With The Voice Of Success Video/Audio  Voice Training System

For The Male Voice

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For The Female Voice

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The Original Voice of Success was Published BY AMACOM Publishing from New York in 2009 and was Translated in Arabic in 2012 by JARIR BOOKSTORE. Both are still available through AMACOM Publishing.

English Version



Joni Wilson's "Inner Voice" Book Series


The Wisdom Speaks to Women is an overview of life from the Wisdom's multi-Dimensional viewpoint. It has real answers to real questions women are asking in their quest for understanding regarding health, relationships, motherhood, finances, divorce, new beginnings and spiritual growth in this wonderful but—for lack of the female balancing energy,  perplexing  world we live in.

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Thunder Behind The Silence

If Three Thousand Years of HIS-STORY Had Been Written By Women and Was Now Called HER-STORY, Would the Worlds Moral, Spiritual and Cultural Difficulties Still Be the Same Today?


For three thousand years we have been living in a patriarchal society where men have laid down the law and had the last word. But now the conditions in our world have reached a point where civilization as we know it is in jeopardy! Women all over this world are feeling a colossal stirring in their intuitive hearts and a strong need to step up and demand that things change immediately.

This book is in revision and will be available the 2nd week in May 2018

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