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THE Cutting-Edge Voice Training System That Is Changing The Lives of Singers, Speakers, and Business Professionals All Over The World!


 3-Dimensional Voice®

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Attention: Speakers, Singers, Teachers,

Media Performers, and Business Professionals . . .

Do You Want To Improve Your Speaking or Singing Voice Instantly Using The Latest  Fastest,  & Easiest, Cutting-Edge Voice Method Available Anywhere? Well . . .  You Can Stop Looking and Text All Your Friends Because, You Have Just Discovered That . . .

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It's A FACT . . . .


Every Human Being Has a Voice and Whether You Are: Embarking on a  Political Career, The Voice's Next Super Star, a Pod-cast or Video Giant, an American Idol Sensation, a Successful Business Entrepreneur, or ANYONE Who Needs a Powerful Voice to Deliver their Message,  Everyday You Are  Being  Judged   by  the Sound of Your Voice!


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 Benefits You Will Receive From Using Joni Wilson's     3-Dimensional Voice®Training System:


You Will Learn:


1. How to use  not 1 but 2 diaphragms to power and move your speaking and singing voices.


2. How to Double Your Voice Power by learning  How to Breath correctly.


3.  How to Use Your Body Power to Gain Voice Control and Vocal Confidence.


4. How to Create The  Perfect Voice to deliver your message.


5. How to Dramatically Increase your Vocal Range, Guaranteed!


6. How to Finally understand  how your Voice and Body work together to avoid major Voice Problems, Vocal  Damage, and total Voice "Blow-outs."


7. How to Master Joni Wilson's amazing 3-Dimensional Voice® Technique. A unique, cutting-edge voice method that is changing the lives of  grateful students all over the world. (Including The Voice and American Idol Finalists.)


8. And BEST of all, how to Create a Voice even YOU will love to listen to.

“I wish I would have met Joni Wilson 30 years ago when I signed my first record deal with United Artists Records. Joni can make miracles happen! She can make anyone sing. Her energy is second to none! I am very grateful to have her a few blocks away from my studio, she’s helped many of my recording artists.”

Josquine des Pres. Producer, Songwriter, Owner

TrackStar Studios


Meet Joni Wilson

America's Premier Voice Trainer

  Here Is MY PROMISE TO YOU . . .

"In all of my on-line voice lessons I will per­son­ally walk you through the steps it takes to help you improve your voice and give you all the tools you will needᅠ to create a voice even You will love to listen to.  From stage fright to adding strength and dynamics to your speaking voice, range and power to your singing voice, I'll be right there with you, and I guarantee you will learn a new respect for the most amazing God Created Instrument on this Planet . . . Your Voice!



Your Voice Will Love This Book!


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Everyday You are Being "Judged" by the Sound of Your Voice . . .


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