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I'd Love to hear Your Voice Story!


Thank you for taking the time to vist my web-site. My goal is to turn this site into an "all-things-voice-site where we can help each other solve those pesky voice problems and share experiences.


I have had numerous requests to do personal one-on-one lessons on Zoom and I now  have that working  and will add a n appointment calendar by may 1st.


I am excited to share my love of the most magnificent musical instrument on this planet, THE HUMAN VOICE with a world that needs to let it's voice be heard!!!!


Best, thanks, take good care of your voice, It's the only one you've got!



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or call my Voice Studio 54 on 54th Street in San Diego  @ 619-229-0726 and if you are in San Diego come visit my studio and take a lesson with me one-on-one.

For Video Voice Lessons and to get my Free E-Book: How To Improve Your Speaking Voice INSTANTLY, Visit:

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