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You  Will Find Your TRUE-SELF!

Everything Else Is Commentary!!!!

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With 7 billion Internet-connected devices worldwide today, "All The World" really IS your "World" Stage, and on that Stage:


  • You Can Go from Obscurity to Superstar in 48 hrs.
  • Video is Now King!
  • Your Voice is your Most Important Asset In those 2 facts alone!
  • Is Your Voice Ready for Prime-Time?


Do NOT Do Another Video, Audio, Pod-Cast, Interview, Audition  or Presentation, Until You Read Joni's Free E-Book! "How To Improve Your Speaking Voice INSTANTLY!"

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  Press Release


February, 2016


This book is another Big Success for Internationally Recognized Voice Trainer Joni Wilson. In less then 5 hours after The Voice Of Success: A Woman's Guide To A Powerful and Persuasive Voice went "live" on, it had earned the coveted #1 position  in 3 categories.








Through her many books and classes, both on-line and in her Voice Studio 54, Master Voice Trainer Joni Wilson has helped women through-out the world communicate more effectively and advance in their careers by showing them how to use their voices to get what they want. The original version of this book was recently translated in the Arabic language to help women make a difference in their families, companies and communities. Joni has now added a PDF download of her full Voice Of Success Best-Selling Book as a bonus to her on-line voice training package. (See below for reduced offer details.)

Here's One For The Guys

Coming on the heels of her Voice of Success, Women's Edition, Joni answered hundreds of  requests to write the Male Voice equivalent Of The Voice of Success, which also achieved Best-Seller status in less than 24 hours.


With over 20 years of teaching both male and female voices to draw from, Joni became very familiar with the frustrations of both genders when it comes to creating the perfect voice to deliver their message, also the many differences in the training of a male voice and a female voice.

In today's obsession with gathering information and conducting business on-line through video, a strong, pleasing,  voice can make the difference between success and failure of a product, a pod-cast, a webinar, a stage presentation, and even a one-on-one business proposal.

How important is a good Voice? TODAY, IT CAN MAKE OR BREAK YOUR CAREER!

That's why Joni Wilson has now decided to take her amazing 3-Dimensional Voice® Training on-line and share it with a waiting world.


Voice Training is no longer just for Singers it is now a MUST for Anyone who Wants to Share their Message, and have it be Heard!

Coming To a Computer, Cell Phone,

0r Tablet Near You . . .


 Joni Wilson's

Voice of Success Training System

On-Line: Male and/or Female Version


Man or Woman, this training has everything you need to create the perfect voice to deliver your message in one affordable, (instant download) package!


This Training  Consists Of:

  • 4 (Four) Full 50+ minute Video Voice lessons.
  • 4 (Four) MP3 Audio lessons-to practice in your car.
  • 1 60-Page PDF Workbook with Joni's best 3-Dimensional Voice® exercises plus additional information.
  • 1 PDF Download of Joni's #1 Best-selling Book, The Voice Of Success. Male version or Female Version. And There is More . . . . . . . . You will get:



A personal Voice Analysis of your speaking or singing voice by Joni Wilson. (You will send Joni a sample of your voice and Joni will send you back an email of things to do to make it better using your Voice of Success Package).

Everything in this $297 Package is Now  Available at this Introductory Price of Only $197. (Offered in a 3 payment plan of $66 pr month.)

Choose One Complete Package Plus Bonus for the Male/Female Voice: $197 (Click the Blue Button Below)

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